How Big Is It, Really?

        Our vacation to Florida last year with our boat was one of those kind of travelling trips where all we wanted was to just get there.  We had only one thing on our collective minds:  We Wanted To Go Fishing!

        We drove a short distance beyond Atlanta that first day and stopped for the night.  The next morning we were back on the road as quickly as possible, but we wanted coffee and breakfast, so we pulled off, opting for a McDonalds because we knew it would be fast.  We took a few moments to relax sipping our coffee while sitting in our parked truck, still in the McD’s parking lot.  The Rob had parked in a side area of the restaurant’s parking lot, a place where our boat-in-tow and truck could fit without being in anyone’s way.  Along came a man driving a small car, making his way to the parking lot exit, passing by us on our driver’s side where The Rob was sitting. 

        The man brought his car to a halt parallel alongside our truck.  He reached his right arm over the back of his car’s empty passenger seat, and turned his head around so that he could give our rig a serious look-over.

        “That’s a big-ass boat!” he exclaimed through his open car window.  “Where do you all take it around here?”

        “We are on our way to Florida,” The Rob answered.  “We’re planning to do some fishing in the Gulf!”

        “Oh!  So, you’re going out to sea with it!  Wow, then that’s why the hull is so deep!”

        “Er . . .”

        “Well, good luck out there!”  And the man drove away.     

        Right, it’s a big ass boat.  I like that.