I Have Senioritis, But It’s Not What You Think

Let me first start off by saying, I don’t get “C’s”. Okay so I have a C. It’s my only C I’ve ever got. But it’s a high C. I get A’s and then I got a B once, and I’m in the Honor’s Club and on the Dean’s list every semester so far. I am in my last semester and I will graduate in a month!

And Physics is kicking my butt!

Because I’m getting a C.

WaahhBooHoo [WHINE]

This is a basic Physics class, mind you. It’s the kind of stuff my kids learned in junior high. I’m sure I learned it too when I was in high school, but I don’t remember.

That’s where the senioritis comes in. It’s not the “I’m-so-excited-I can’t-concentrate-on-anything-because-I-am-graduating” kind of senioritis. It’s more appropriately the “I’m-so-f**k-ing-old-I-can’t-remember-where-I-put-my-car-keys-let-alone-gas-law-formulas” senioritis.

The formulas confuse me. With those little letters that stand for ‘Gravity’ and ‘Time’ and ‘Distance,’ and then in another chapter there’s MORE little letters to remember and even MORE formulas! Oh and then there’s the stuff like, why is steam hotter than water? I don’t know why! I just know not to get my fingers in the way of steam when I remove foil from a hot casserole or it will burn me. Likewise, I’d never stick my fingers in a pan of hot boiling water. It’s just logic.

Not physics! Can’t find the logic and it bugs me. I mean, take algebra, for instance. That’s easy. I can solve for X. I can factor polynomials. I get that. It’s logic.

I would also like to point out, Physics 1010 class is a requirement for my degree. I am a Graphic Design major. I mean, really? I only need to know how to draw a bridge, not build one! My drawn one is not going to fall down. Again, logic. 

And I graduate in a month. If I pass physics, that is. Thank goodness, I have found a tutor! Yeah, here’s a formula for you:

T=(L/Dm)Kb2  or Tutor = (Logic ÷ My Dog) x Kibbles ‘n Bits, squared

My tutor