Self Promotion as an Indie Author Ain’t Easy

        So the book is finished!  Ah!  Big sigh of relief!  Gone are the long hours spent toiling over it, reading it again and again, fixing the typos, checking for loopholes and just generally making it perfect.  After which I forced my husband to read it (or else I take away the remote), my sister (because I’m older), my mom (because Mom’s do that), hell, I even made my kids read it (because Mom’s do that).  Finally, I felt ready to send my creation out into the world!
        I went to my Kindle Amazon account and I uploaded the sucker.  Then I created a CreateSpace account and did it again.
        Alas.  The only way for me to expect people to buy the book, is first of all – they have to know about it.  So many potential customers out there and they are all clueless that ME, little ol’ ME, has an actual book out there ready for the buying.  My Twitter and Facebook and Goodreads and all-the-other-social-media-site fans have been hearing about my book; they have stuck with me through my tweet rants about it and my posts.  I am ever so grateful for this, which is why I began to get a bit nervous about overdoing it.  So sometimes I would just tweet about the weather.
        It all sounds very easy and, technically, it is.  You need to devote a lot of time, but all in all it is easy to do the techy stuff. 
        So what is so hard?
        It’s the whole self-promotion thing.
        You have to tell the world how wonderful your book is and you must truly believe it.  But it feels like bragging.  I’m sorry, but it does. 
        Now I see so many authors get out there on social media and promote themselves.  And so many of them do a wonderful job of it.  And it does not seem to me like they’re bragging.  Not at all; I love to hear about their books and, believe it or not, I check a lot of them out.  Yes, I actually follow some of the links. 
        But back to the subject.  It is very difficult for me to talk about ME and even harder for me to tell you what a wonderful thing I’ve done.  I somehow feel like the conceited kid who brags and brags and brags until everyone is tired of hearing about it, regardless if he can do what he brags about or not.
        I have never been much of an attention seeker anyway.
        No, put me behind the scenes; I’ll support others, you know, but, mine it’s, well, just this book I wrote one time.
        Okay, now there you have it.  Want to buy my book?  It’s a fun, fast read.  Oh, and it’s free for the next two days, Nov. 11 & Nov. 12 on Kindle.

        Here’s the link for Kindle .

        Here’s the link for CreateSpace .

        Okay, I guess that wasn’t too hard.

        Thank you, all!

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