Freckle D. Speckle

He’s white with a lot of brown speckles, he’s long and tall and has floppy ears.
He is high energy.
He runs in every direction.  While you are scanning the horizon looking in the last direction you saw him, he will come barreling by you from behind.  Fast!
He chases breakers on the beach.  Back and forth he runs full bore nipping and barking in his high pitched yip.
He fetches:  golf balls, squeaky toys, Frisbees, wheel barrel tires, sticks and whatever you do, do not throw a rock in the water.  He gets obsessive.
He points:  birds, cats, wildlife, seagulls, squirrels, groundhogs and whatever you do, never playfully tell him to “get it!”  He gets obsessive.
He is a boat dog and is forever fascinated by that line you keep casting in the water.  Intense.  He leaned out so far once, he fell in.
He does not like to be left alone so he gets to go everywhere.  Even though I installed an electric underground fence.  Five acres of it!
He rides in the back of the truck – the back seat, that is.  Because if you put him in the way back, he begs at the slider window until someone opens it so he can climb through.
He infuriates the neighbor to the South.
He amuses the neighbor to the North.
He whines if there is a closed door between you and him, but sometimes you just have to take a shower.
He scared my mother once half to death when she stayed over at my house and got up in the night to pee.  Now she only makes day trips.
He pulls on his leash.  He also wraps.  Your legs.
He begs for people-food during dinner.  He is told to “Lay down!” and sent to his doggie rug.  He obliges but he pouts even though he knows he will get a treat after.
He is the first to answer a knocking at the door.  And he doesn’t stop barking.
He drives the UPS man crazy.
He is always the center of attention.  He insists on it.
He teases the cat.
He never misses anything that happens at our house.
When I first got him, I thought he was too much to handle.  I put flyers up at a local sporting goods store advertising him for $500.  I got three phone calls in the first five minutes.  What a dumb ass attack that was!  Luckily, I came to my senses and realized that he is priceless. I took the sign down and we went home.
He is a damn good dog.  We are inseparable.