Constructive Criticism Rocks!

 Karen Discovers

As a design student, I find it helpful on “critique day,” when I and my classmates will review each other’s work. It is a positive way to get, and give, feedback. This is a very valuable part of the design process as it carries over into real-world-job-situations. Often in design work, we are part of a team, designing as a group, where each member has input for the final project. Or, as a freelancer, I often ask my friends and family to evaluate my "masterpiece" before dashing it off to the client.
So to all of my Twitter and Blogging friends, I give you my latest design project. It is my new website, Karen Discovers. I have used a Wordpress CMS template. The site has been live for about two months; I have some content up and, finally, I think I have the design and layout the way I like it. However, I would welcome your input. What is your first reaction to the site? Does it give you a professional feel? Is it organized so that you can easily navigate? Is it clear what the heck the site is about? I would appreciate constructive criticism on all things, not just design and layout, but page ideas too!
If you choose to do this and you would like for me to critique a work of yours, please provide a link in the comments of this post along with your critique. I will be happy to give your creation a look, as well! Also, if you would like to follow Karen Discovers or Karen’s Blog Stop - GREAT! I will be glad to follow you back!
I appreciate you taking the time to look, even if you don’t want to leave a comment. I am humbled you have chosen to stop by. For your convenience, here is the link to
Thank you all so much!


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