At times I can become a bit delusional and think I’m a poet. Sigh.

My mind is frazzled, I kid you not.
I feel like I’m going over the top.
This emotional turbulence is a bumpy ride
Like paddling out on a high extreme tide

One step forward and two steps back
I’m not even a poet, just a hack
The words in my head don’t seem to rhyme
Just a bunch of phrases blurted out of time

I must wonder why I just keep typing
While saying nothin’ that’s remotely insightin’
That line’s too long; it don’t make no sense
Gimmie me a vacation-my mind needs a rinse

Intelligence lacks and lurks out of reach
Shoulda seriously listened to that guy on the beach
He wore a bright shirt; on his board he would surf
Swam with the dolphins from all seas of the earth

He went on his way an’ he left me to stand
On a faraway beach of all that white sand
Now I’m crying by myself and feel all alone
Hindsightly thinking I should not have gone home

Home to the people who say they all care
Home to the people who still stop and they stare
They say, look at the girl with the tattoo on her chest
Is it a dolphin, a shark, or a fish, at best?

It’s none of those things, just a broken heart
Nevertheless it’s a good place to start
Cuz hearts do mend and ink does fade
And eventually, all surfers must wade

Surfer shorts guy, if you see me again
I’ll be out on the water, my sails filled with the wind
I’ll be gliding with dolphins and mermaids too
For all emotional havoc I’m bidding adieu

I’ll run with the tides and I will be free
Free to live and to be like I have to be
My mind may be frazzled, but it’s what I’ve got
An’ if I don’t make it, least I gave it a shot

So for all you emotionally madmen out there
Get off yer duffs and be like devil-may-care
Open up your hearts to the wind and the sea
Accept your own self and you will be free!