Butterflies A Short Collection of Short Stories

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This is a collection of short fiction stories about women who make up their own rules, even if those rules are made up as they go along.  Each leading lady takes bold chances in order to get her own way, involving the likes of a rock star, truck driver, cowboy and farm boy. Starting with Gwen, we meet a lady who is fed up with an unhappy marriage and bravely walks away from it all; in The Perfect Interview, a sexy lady finds herself face to face with a sexy rock star; for My Mother’s Smile, a young girl sees her mother’s happiness from a point of view beyond her years; in Sometime, we meet Mr. Rock Star again, but this time he’s the one who is smitten, and then The Wish, where our lady’s unusual predicament is the result of a wacko fan of her famous husband.  And a surprise at the end (look for the hidden ‘track’).  Some content in this book contains language and adult situations, but, then again, so does life.