Why the Blog Face Lift?

Good question.  It’s just that one day I sat down and visited my blog.  I hadn’t been to it in a while and it just looked, well – tired.  So on a whim, I deleted every single blog post.  I’m like that sometimes.

I’ve had fun being a blogger these past two years, and I have learned a lot.  Although, I’d be willing to bet I have a lot more to learn.  Ah!  C’est la vie!

Thanks to all of you who stuck with me (like, my mom).

Now I get to start all over.  See, it’s only natural for me to switch gears; my whole life I’ve been this way.  Like the time I was working at a professional consulting firm and one day I threw away all of my navy blue dress-for-success suits and ran off with a country music singer.  True.

We traveled the country.  We had lots of adventures.  We lived off the land on a mountain in the remote Southwest.

Then we had kids.

I homeschooled them until they were smarter than me.

One day we bought a 27’ fishing boat.  It seemed rational at the time, living there in The Land of Enchantment where most people’s boats fit in the back of their pick-ups.  That’s okay, we still had fun on our first trip to the water.  Once we arrived at Elephant Butte Lake, six hours and five hundred dollars in gas and food later, we caught a fish.  Most expensive damn fish I ever ate.

Then we moved back to Ohio.  This was never rational.

But we have Lake Erie!

So, now, after having been out of school for *&%**$# years, I have decided to return.   And hubby’s happy because he can brag to all his bud’s about how he’s gettin’ him some college ass.  Now, my kids help me with my school work.  They’re in junior high. 

Who the hell knows what I’ll do next decade.

Meantime, I might repost some of the old stuff.  Maybe.  Cuz right now I’m goin’ fishing.